Think Neutral

The weekend is almost here guys!

Neutrals outfit are nothing new, going all neutral might seem boring to you, but is actually anything but boring once you see how it is incredibly versatile, complementary and stylish too. Neutral colors can be paired with either black or brown, which makes all neutral shades classic go-to colors to use on a regular basis.

It is light enough in color to not seem flashy, yet also appealing to the eye and great for almost any event. As you can see I kept all neutral with this outfit and simple. The best thing about neutral is anything goes when it comes to these shades and there are plenty of various looks to choose from to find what works for you. Xoxo

Xoxo fofo

Coat: Zara Trousers: Club Manco Sweater: Anine Bing Sneaker: Adidas Bag: Hermes

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