how to wear an oversized denim jacket

Happy Friday loves!

Denim is everywhere right now and especially with the movement of the 70’s coming back we are seeing more and more denim worn on top rather than just on the bottom. I have always been a huge fan of a classic denim jacket, I think when looking crisp and fitting, it can be one of the most comfortable and versatile items that one can wear.

I also know that all fashion items have a place and time to be worn. Denim jackets are timeless, but are also getting really unique. The greatest thing about fashion is that you get to choose the time and place to wear whatever you want

Denim jackets let you be more flexible with your style even if you wear one with sneakers or simple skinny jeans, you’ll look like you’re ready for the day! When it comes to denim jackets, I prefer vintage or something that looks a bit worn and slightly distressed. For a denim on denim look, I like to keep the color palette interesting by mixing slightly different tones.

The classic chambray button down really pops against the light wash jeans and denim jacket. Pairing this look with neutral shoes keeps the focus on the denim and makes the outfit pop even more.

Photographer: Nicollette Petersen

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