Fall Trend: Wide leg pants


Happy Monday hope you a lovely weekend.

                           If you haven’t been wearing wide-leg pants you need to purchase a pair of wide leg pants. Why? Because this trend is made for all women and thus it definitely a way to show off your waistline. Believe it or not. It’s all about proportion and cut. You don’t need a flared leg, just a straight-leg or slightly wide-leg pant and they need to hit, ideally, a couple of inches above your ankle.

Is about how play with your proportions and this is where a good tailor is key. Some women may look better with the cropped style three inches above her ankle while another looks good with the seam right at her ankle. It depends on your height and shape.

Wide leg pants it can versatile to wear it. Whether you wear with plan top or dress shirt. It can instantly dress up your look and you can use the wardrobe staple to transform your look from everyday causal look. There are so many different types of wide leg pants colors, embroidered, and so much more. You can wear so many ways, which makes them so fun to add to your wardrobe this fall



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