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Sleepwear and lounge wear have taken over recent fashion runways and the look has been adapted in everyday wear. Sleepwear is chic wear in the coolest closets, and the trick is to find a balance and mix. Particularly for those who would like to make a good impression at work.

Here are few tips on how to pull off wearing pajamas to work or out.

Do Iron or steam the item so that creases are non-existent and you’ll look polished.
Please don’t wear crumpled sleepwear out or to work. Unless your home hehe
Mix and layer the outfit with black or grey
Pair your pajama top with black pencil cut skirt or slacks, or add a black blazer to your ensemble.
Wearing Silk fabric, it works perfectly in a formal business setting.
Do wear pointy pumps to look more business look.
Don’t wear any childish print at all.
Don’t miss the match tops and bottoms, in some cases in might work if is plan or black.

Pants: Zara old Top: Graciel Rivas Shoes: Loubtion Bag: Chanel

Photographer: Makayla Sullivan

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Would you trade all-black outfits for ALL-WHITE?

Spotting on all white look

Good Morning my loves! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

You just can’t go wrong with a monochromatic look, minimal, monochromatic outfit is always a winning look! There’s no secret trick to wearing all-white outfit everyone can pull it off an and look absolutely gorgeous.

It’s time to reach into the back of your closet for a white pieces and replace them with your classic black ones. All white is incredibly fresh, classic, sleek and chic. and refined, and elegant, and luxurious. Exactly what I love about a look. Polished but sort of sporty and relaxed in a very glam luxe way.

You can wear white wherever you wish and however you wish. A white dress can look very summer’ish casual paired with espadrilles, but also very sexy with sandals. Bodycon white dresses. You can wear all-white and have fun with coloured accessories, to break the monochromatic style a bit. Brown looks fab against white, prints look amazing, gold, blue, green. Anything really, depend so what you’re going for. will seriously consider doing the all-white everything in the near future. It just looks too clean and polished and minimal but luxurious to sit this one out.

Now the question is? would you trade all-black outfits for ALL-WHITE? starts to panic hehe. The good news is, you don’t have to so no need to be panic my loves. who says we can’t wear all-black on any given day but remember you can also wear all white wherever you wish and however you wish.

Outfit: Gracile Rivas Bag: Strathberry Shoes: Steve Madden

Photographer: Makayla Sullivan

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Ways to dress up your joggers

Hello my loves! One of the things I enjoy doing on the weekends is able to wetting my blog. Would love to know what you enjoy doing on the weekend?

Jogger pants might be the most comfortable trousers in the world. It’s a great piece for working out and cozy wear in the streets. Of course it’s not meant for wearing at work in your everyday life, but if you love doing sports and athletic life is your second job, then you might wear these bottoms all the time.

The jogger trousers are ideal for ultimate street style and off-duty looks. The first thing you should keep in mind is the brightness of your look. If you want yourself an exciting look, then you better go for bold colors, I mean try them wearing with cool printed tees instead of a plain white shirt.

I never would have thought to pair sweatpants with heels, but when you think about it, why not? The silhouette is slouchy yet slim, and the quickest way to dress up a look is heels, and this look is no different. From sky-high heels to pumps and wedges, as long as the shoes match with the seasonal feel of the rest of your outfit.

Joggers made of leather or faux leather give off a more business casual vibe. Pair it with a white buttoned down shirt. Do not tuck the shirt in. And, you can never go wrong in a pair of classic black stripe joggers.

Outfit: Talarnina Bag: Ownthelooks Shoes: Steve Madden

Photographer: Makayla Sullivan

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